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    Huey 658

    Hi My dad was the President of the Firelands museum. He died 11/4/98 658 was lost a few years ago Interesting circumstances
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    New from Ohio

    Here's the pics! DUKW Quad M3A1 1955 Chevy ( not green, but I like it too) Cessna O2-A USAF My O2-A in Viet Nam Fly-by at a local wounded warriors event
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    Scout Car worth?

    Did you buy it?
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    New from Ohio

    Hi All! I'm in Akron, Ohio and I have the following: M3A1 White Scout Car DUKW M-43 M-37 Ford T-16 M-29C Cessna O2-A FAC Aircraft (Viet Nam Veteran) M-45 Quad 50 M-38
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