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    GA 5 ton lockers

    $1500 shipped.
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    Differential options

    The HMMWV uses torsen diffs. While they're not as good as a locker, they're way better than a open diff or a limited slip diff. You can use the brakes to modulate the diffs when they start spinning to apply power to the wheels that still have grip. Outside of that, there's the auburn gear...
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    M939 P2P Program On SS

    The first URL to the TMs we host here has the software still. I just downloaded it and ran it here on a windows 10 machine without any issue.
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    Saracen or ferret lockout hubs

    Also, at least for the ferret, it's a bad idea to run on just 2 hubs/bevel boxes. People have pulled the shafts and later regretted it when they blew a bevel box or planetary.
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    MV of the Month November 2022

    Poll is up:
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2022 - November VOTE HERE!

    Welcome to the MV of the month poll sponsored by Consolidated Press. If you need decals, magnets, stencils, or anything printing related, please give them a call! Now, onto the vote! Please vote for MV of the month! Feel free to campaign in this thread, but please keep it here and not via...
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    MV of the Month November 2022

    @papabear It's ok to close this and start the vote thread I assume?
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    GA 5 ton lockers

    $1550 shipped.
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    New Electric HUMMER (GMC) - costs over $100 to charge?????

    I honestly don't buy crypto. I just mine it. I use the miners during the winter to heat my home and office. I can use kwh to warm up heating elements. Or I can use kwh to run the miners to also make heat. I choose to run the miners to get something out of "making heat".
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    New Electric HUMMER (GMC) - costs over $100 to charge?????

    Can I educate a little? There's a great misconception that crypto will vanish at the push of a button. But that's not how it works. It's decentralized. Just like the internet is. Now, if your assets are held in a exchange and not a cold wallet, then absolutely you could stand to lose them...
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    New Electric HUMMER (GMC) - costs over $100 to charge?????

    I dislike how this is all being pushed as well. It should be incentivized to spur on things. Carrot and stick thing. Seems to be all stick though. I will say that I dislike the $100 fill ups of my Jeep Gladiator Ecodiesel. I would have a EV if I didn't live in a rural area and was able to...
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    Continental's CMD-350; a 350HP multifuel engine

    Interesting. I thought perhaps it worked like the old International/McCormic tractors that started on gas and swapped over to diesel. They simply used an extra valve that allowed the gas side of things to work by increasing the combustion chamber volume (and hid the spark plug away from the...
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    Patracy's deuce refresh and upgrade

    Urethane. I don't think the rubber seals are available. And the urethane is probably the better option anyhow.
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    Patracy's deuce refresh and upgrade

    I piddled a little yesterday at lunch over at @Spot_ll 's we managed to get the drivers window reinstalled with the new glass. And the windshield is sealed in the frame. Also got the other crusty frame primed. But there's rain today. Tomorrow I have to go into the office. So maybe Thursday...
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    New Electric HUMMER (GMC) - costs over $100 to charge?????

    There's always going to be a limitation by physics. At least in the current battery construction. Supercapacitors though, that might be the answer, or a hybrid of a battery and supercapacitor to increase the speed of charging. The hows of the vehicle charging/range/exc. are just one part of...
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