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    Wrecking Crew Salvage Winfield Missouri

    I tried to buy the door, its dented the latching mech. is gone and they wanted 75 for it.
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    Wrecking Crew Salvage Winfield Missouri

    I hope this is what you wanted. Sorry it took so long.
  3. pigpen60

    Wrecking Crew Salvage Winfield Missouri

    I dont know, scrap prices went to crap so I havent been back to the yard. I'll go look this week.
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    Trailer identification

    Thank you simp5782.
  5. pigpen60

    Trailer identification

    Whats the M number for this trailer?
  6. pigpen60

    Is it safer to wear seatbelts, or not?

    Back in 2000 I was driving to work and at 2340 I was hit head on by a woman in a 1993 cougar I was in 1993 jeep wrangler I was wearing a seat belt and suffered a broken left ankle shattered right shin and a broken left hand and cracked pelvis. I had to be cut out and as I waited I heard over the...
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    Front tires wont take air

    Ok I was doing my every other week tire air up today and I pulled the front CTIS guards off and pulled the hose from the wheel valve to the valve stem. The right tire was at 0 PSI and the left was at 45 PSI. Would anyone know what the fitting on the wheel valve is(flare...others I cant remember...
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    M1008 alternator model

    Thank you.
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