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    Happy 2020 Steel Soldiers

    Write your reply... Wow!! Loading pictures is so smooth. Happy happy. INJoy joy!
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    Home Depot Behr Paint Sale

    Big box folk tend to put it on sale around Memorial Day, 4th of July and Memorial Day. But because they are big box they are moving away from dollars off to prepaid debit cards.
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    Anyone ever exported a Deuce to Canada?

    I bought a few M35a2 from WA state auctions thru GSA. They were ex-fire vehicles, and only came with a govt. title. No applying for an EUC in that case. I wonder if they would be easier to export.
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    Goat Goes North

    Ring Gear Part# Here is a page from the 353 Detroit diesel engine manual. Part # 5116301 GEAR, FLYWHEEL RING It is from 53MPC Detroit Diesel Engine Manual. I didn't see 53MPC in the TM's, I will see if I can get a copy OK to add there. I am not up on who the most successful part vendors...
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    My 5-ton stopped running all the sudden.

    First look up the Technical Manuals in the TM section of this site. General workings of fuel system is there. M800 series = old 5 tons. M939 = newer 5 tons. Then there is the FMTVs. When you flip the battery switch do you hear the fuel pump in the tank turn on? if no, there might be enough...
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    New M35A2 Owner (MN)

    Better get busy martinv. Lots to do and it will be getting cold soon, Welcome to the addiction. And as always, post some pictures and you'll make more new friends.
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    Working on the FV1801A or Truck, 1/4 Ton, 4×4, CT, Austin Mk.1 AKA Austin Champ

    That would be a fun trip.... From the pictures I saw of the Winer's Champs (2012) they were pretty rough. Maybe internals might still be there but the sheet metal was bent & rusted and they all set on flats. I think they were pics from the ACOC registry listings. Later a relative of Sam Winer's...
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    Working on the FV1801A or Truck, 1/4 Ton, 4×4, CT, Austin Mk.1 AKA Austin Champ

    Here's an Easter Egg for you. If you haven't become a ACOC member yet. Solex type 40 WNHEO/2 Mechanical pumps are known for not holding Prime. An electric pump is fitted above gas tank drivers side (remember right hand drive). Access through the bed of the passenger compartment. Did you by...
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    Mark, Your winch is looking good. Where did you source the hull seal for the winch input shaft ? I am going to have to get one or add another bilge pump to the hull before she goes swimming. Thanks Sent from my MotoE2(4G-LTE) using Tapatalk
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    7.00 x 16 tires

    2cents +1 on Summit. I ordered coker/firestone NDCCs a couple years ago. Hard to beat fast free shipping. I have also bought PowerKing Super Traction for my Austin Champ from Simpletire. I have also looked at . They always seemed to have access to the same deals and sales at...
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    Head light problem

    Measure the resistance of the filaments before you burn out bulbs. You have the left side working correct? If so, put the new bulb on the working side and see if it still works. Napa, batteries & bulbs, online MV parts dealers,semi truck parts store are all good headlight sources. Use the...
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    Head light problem

    Well that sux, this shouldn't be that hard to make work. It should work on 12v, but just glow orange, not smoke. On the back of the sealed lamp. The 3 wires make a u shape. Bottom side is ground.(91). Right side is high beam (17). Left is low beam (18 ) . you could put a 20A fuse inline with...
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    Head light problem

    Nice looking goat. Congrats! Gotta go back to basics. Are you using 24v head lamps? To make the filaments smoke you would have to put more than 24vdc into the bulb. With jumper wires (hi, low, ground) directly off of the batteries, can you light the lamp without smoke? Sent from my...
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    PNW Info Thread!

    Montaillou, Thank for throwing this out there for the dry side folks. Nothing for me, unless you can straight jacket -srodocker- and drop him off for a visit.[emoji13] Sent from my MotoE2(4G-LTE) using Tapatalk
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    June 24/25, 2017 Idaho MVPA Vintage Military Show & Swap Meet

    Ditto on the Thanks for such a great job on the photos of the event. A lot different from when they held it on the dry dusty sun scorched dirt of the motor pool. Might have to throw this back into the father's day rotation.
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