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    AS-1729/VRC for CB Band

    Correct, the only 'power' is the radio signal that you will be transmitting through the coax. The other cable did transmit power to the stepper motor to change the SWR for different frequency ranges in the 30-75 MHz range. You will not be doing that, because the frequency range that you will...
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    AS-1729/VRC for CB Band

    The base has the antenna coax straight from the radio - the SWR meter goes in that line. The other cable is strictly for changing the frequency range from the radio itself, but that can also be done with the base itself, mechanically. Once set for the lowest SWR, you simply leave it alone, and...
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    Found major issue…trans

    White Owl has transmission parts.
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    Cable uses

    First one, the four small pins are the ground wires, four big ones are the three phases and the neutral. I have a cable like that without the connectors. Main wires were 1 ga, four smaller ground wires were each 8 ga. YMMV.
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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    And you can download the manuals from our TM section on generators to find the part numbers you need.
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    Personal Safety--Christmas Parade Shooting/Drive-By

    We are just supposed to facilitate the meeting!
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    Official 2021 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally swap meet thread

    The PRC68 site sells battery adapters for the PRC-25/PRC-77. I have them for my radios. - 257477BA
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    Looking for videos of your truck in military parades or rescues of civilians

    Couple of links to the 43rd Columbia Veterans Day Parade. MVCSC was #18 in this years parade, while Congressman Wilson (riding in a HMMWV) was #38.
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    How do you secure your vehicle at shows? Armor hatches - Safety related

    I stand by my vehicle at shows and let people in the cab (deuce) one at the time to have their picture taken. Even have a short ladder to the kids to climb up and down. If I need to do something else (get food, use 'facilities', etc.) the ladder goes between the seat and the steering wheel and...
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    I have an antenna that needs a radio...

    Adapters are available to fit almost any antenna cable to the antenna base. The mechanical part is easy, the electrical (impedance and SWR) is a little more involved. For that, you need to find an 'elmer' local to your location. That can be done by finding someone in a local amateur radio club.
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    I have an antenna that needs a radio...

    That is for an older radio type (60-90's) than current issue. An RT-524 mounted in the cab would be appropriate, but there is a fly-in-the-ointment problem with using them to actually transmit. The only legal frequency for amateur radio is six meters (50 MHz). If it is just for show, then a...
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    Second EUC speed?

    Once TSC has you in the system, approval usually takes less than a week, with COVID, it's been a little longer.
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    Can soft tops be painted? Where can new tops be found?

    They can be painted with elastometric paint (rubberized stuff that is flexible, such as 'CoolSeal'), then get an overcoat of the correct BEHR paint from Home Depot. The difficulty of finding soft tops is what made me go to all hard top trucks.
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    New Member from South Carolina

    Where in SC? I know people in the upstate, Charleston, Florence, Kershaw, Aiken, Orangeburg, and the Columbia area. Group from Columbia will be going to Monroe, NC for the Air Show this weekend, then roll in the Columbia, SC Nov 11 parade.
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