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    Question on Insurance

    I just acquired an M185A3 and I need to find some basic liability insurance for it. Can anyone recommend a carrier that I won't have to bend over for?
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    Won a M185A3

    Thank you! Thank you!
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    Deuce Parts Quick Reference Spreadsheet

    Awesome! Exactly what I needed; being a "Newbe" owner of a 1988 AM General M185A3 (with winch) Multi-fuel continental engine, with personnel heater. As time goes on I will be Ghosting the Forum to glean as much information as I can, so I can be the better equipped to take good care of my new baby.
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    Won a M185A3

    Awesome looking truck! Please forgive me for posing a question on this thread: I just acquired a M185A3 (1988 with Continental multi-fuel) I want to do a PM on the truck before driving it home - change oil / air filter Can anyone help with a source for the oil and air filters?
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