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    New Guy from Texas - M882

    Oh, we know that is trashed. Fuel is currently fed from a plastic boat tank in the bed.
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    New Guy from Texas - M882

    Yes, but the bumper looks so right, lol. The DMV says the truck was last registered to the S.T.O.P. Narcotics Task Force (whatever that is) but it had to be a few owners ago. Last registered in 2005. We found the original Army TM in the glove box, along with Dodge owners manual, and manuals for...
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    New Guy from Texas - M882

    Hi! I scored an M882 yesterday here in Texas. Minimal rust, very straight body panels. Current engine status unknow, as the previous owners never tried to start it. This is the perfect MV for me. I'm a Mopar guy, so the driveline is vary familiar short of the 4wd gear. I served 7 years in the...
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