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    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    Kilz works great between the different paint make ups. I have had good success. Home Depot can do a little tint on the Kilz. I have mine tinted black and it looks light grey. Better than white.
  2. Terra1936

    Military and First Responder Vehicle Show July 31, 2022

    Military and First Responder Vehicle Show July 31, 2022 10AM to 3:00 Pm El Cajon, CA 92019
  3. Terra1936

    Convert M105, M200 or other air over hydraulic brake trailer to electric how-to

    Great thread. Looks straight forward! Any photos of permanent mount? Does it adjust with your trailer brake unit? Gain?
  4. Terra1936

    DAF-YA-126 Recovery

    Can a local shop make one? Can it be 3D Printed? Can you fit another master cylinder? Just throwing ideas out! My rear wheel is leaking and I have no pressure now. Next months project.
  5. Terra1936

    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    If its rattle cans, I have had no problem. I have used KILZ 2 in a spray can to cover areas if I was concerned. The BEHR has built in primer.
  6. Terra1936

    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    1 day should be enough. Use BEHR Ultra. It has a primer built in!
  7. Terra1936

    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    IN The Real World! Came out great!
  8. Terra1936

    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    Looks Awesome! Black wheels?
  9. Terra1936

    M1009 Drivers side alternator

    So the 1105500 Alternator is not made any more. I found this on Amazon? Rareelectrical New Type Isolated Ground Cucv 12 Volt 100 Amp Alternator Compatible With Part Number 10459234 : Automotive The DL7157 is 78 amps and someone mentioned 100 amps? I will bench test my old one...
  10. Terra1936

    The One Stop 700R4 Swap M1009

    Are you driving yet? How is it? Power to wheels? Fuel economy?
  11. Terra1936

    Brake Upgrade Options

    Yes they work well. Good tires help too!
  12. Terra1936

    Brake Upgrade Options

    The goat is a diesel. You would need a hydraboost. Or you could do air over hydraulic. The space under dash is a challenge.
  13. Terra1936

    CUCV 383 Green Paint

    6 to 8 inches. That is what the manual said. It works great thinned.
  14. Terra1936

    CUCV 383 Green Paint

    No overspray issue with the gun I use. I did not remove grill as I am lazy and no overspray on the radiator. I did not even use a drop cloth. I consider it a military vehicle and saw some of the guys assigned paint duty in other units and they were using brushes. Mine I think looks better than...
  15. Terra1936

    Markings on olive M1009

    Did you ever stencil? I am getting ready for mine!
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