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    Mule parts and projects!

    There is not much happening here, a more lively resource is the M274 mule page over at G503, that is where the current projects and questions are, and don't forget the mule technical page on G503 either. Those guys have forgotten more than the rest of us know. Good luck.
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    Will a M274 fit into a M101A2 or A3 trailer and will the tailgate close???

    I have both the M274 A2 and A5 mules and a M101A2 trailer and the wheel wells are just too narrow between them to handle a mule. I have toyed with cutting the wheel wells down and narrowing them as there is plenty of clearance between the tires and wheel wells but haven't done so yet. I would...
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    Need manuals for military forklift

    Hydraulic cylinders should be pretty easy, check with a local company like AC DePuydt with the size of your cylinders and photos of what your seals are like and they should be able to help you.
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    Litter Carrier

    I seriously doubt this was put into production because that model mule wasn’t. Look at the sloped foot basket and the angled steering gearbox. My guess is that this photo is a pre-production prototype.
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    MULe Parts Info

    Just a reminder to all that Saturn Surplus is closing their doors at the end of December. Mark and Jay are calling it quits, so if you have any military standard air cooled engines, you better look over your stuff and if you need anything you should order sooner than later because Saturn will...
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    New to me 1969 M274A5 Bayfield mule

    Looking good, thanks for the photos. How comfortable are the stock mule seats, I have never driven a mule with a stock seat, mine came from Northern Tool.
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    New to me 1969 M274A5 Bayfield mule

    I use my mule a lot at my railroad museum doing chores like picking up trash and othe debris people throw along two miles of track and spraying weeds around 100+ acres of railroad museum. With both herbicide tanks filled and tools I am running over a 700 lb load, and with a short wheel base...
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    New to me 1969 M274A5 Bayfield mule

    Congratulations on getting your mule running after that scavenger hunt. Always nice to bring one back from the dead isn’t it? How much trouble was it getting all of the pedals, cables, and clips for the foot basket, and what did you find wrong causing the clutch not to release? Was it just...
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    Can't Reach John Emery of John Emery Mules

    John, did you get ahold of John Emery yet? I was talking to him today, and if you need some numbers please PM me.
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    New to me 1969 M274A5 Bayfield mule

    Congratulations on getting your mule running. One reminder, BE SURE to pull the center tin shroud and look for a rats nest on the driver’s side jug. It seems to be a rare mule that has been sitting for years that doesn’t have a rodent nest which blocks airflow to that cylinder. You don’t want...
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    Hale P250 Water pump

    Well two drafting hoses and a lot of work later I think I have two of my units running. I have them in my truck and am hauling them to Colorado to try to pump water up to a water tank used by our railroad's steam engines. The pipeline is 3 and 4" iron pipe and is 2,300' long, but the real...
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    Hale P250 Water pump

    I located the 3"NH thread suction hoses on EBAY, is $110 with free shipping a fair price for a new hose 10' long?
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    Hale P250 Water pump

    My units are mod1 so I am in the clear on the jet fuel units and all of their starting issues. I was planning to use a Jerry Can to store fuel as I do not own a boat type fuel tank. Do you see any issues with that? Do I need to run the oil injection system, or can I just premix my oil into...
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    Hale P250 Water pump

    I am just starting to go through my pump and need to ask you guys if there is a water pump impeller, or does it use the water pressure you are pumping to circulate the cooling water in the engine? Also do you need a fuel pump, or is it gravity fed fie; system? Thanks for any help.
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