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    Canadians! Form up! We are being attacked.

    Things maybe happening, I'm waiting for an update. Politicians, the media, and even the Ombudsperson are involved. Fingers crossed
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    Canadians! Form up! We are being attacked.

    Fellow Canadian military vehicle enthusiasts, I write this to you all today as an appeal for help. Not for me but for our hoppy and love of our vehicles. the BC government, ICBC, and the CVSE are actively trying to remove our vehicles from the road and indirectly prevent further importation...
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Added a grounding kit, installed my smart start box, removed leaking heater core. Batteries currently charging, good used core going in today
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    Brake issue…what would you do?

    I would financially prepare to replace everything. I took no chances. I started inspections at the wheel hubs and worked my way up. I ended up relacing all 6 wheel cylinders, all rubber lines, two steel lines, master cylinder, and rebuilt the air pak. Mainly due to pitting in the cylinders...
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    LED Headlight

    These are great lights. The pattern is very well defined. I'll see if I can grab a couple pictures tonight.
  6. The King Machine

    VIC-3 whistling noise with Engine rpm

    Ok, Thats a sweet Comms set up
  7. The King Machine

    Maryland Inspections and Registration Problem

    It's Happening in my province of British Columbia They are doing it the exact same way.
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    An American HMMWV in Canada

    Good progress. Finished the bumpers painted them and installed Front and back. They are pretty heavy duty. I ended up customizing my design for the rear bumper. I removed the pintle hitch and fabricated a mounting plate. I tied that plate into the rear bumper. That made up the spine for for the...
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    An American Deuce in Canada

    mine is starting to flake off in quarter size chunks.Down to the original factory paint and in some spots the primer. I’d say there’s at lease 9 layers of paint. Right in the middle there is clearly a layer of white.
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    Out on the farm Outside the beer store Parked at work Parked out in the drive way
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    I aim to populate this thread with some beauty pics in T- minus 14 days and counting.
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    Dot5 or DOT 3/4/5.1

    Been using DOT 3 in my truck for almost 10 years with oversize tires. On Road, off road, loaded, and unloaded. No issues to report, aside for the odd leaking wheel cylinder. Usually a quick fix. My truck originally came with DOT 5, every single wheel cylinder was bypassing fluid. All...
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    An American HMMWV in Canada

    I made new bumpers front and back too! Ill post more pictures on my design later. The 2x2 tubing is just for check level and straightness. It isn’t part of the bumper When I bought this truck off of the auction site it wasn’t specified what engine or drive line was in the truck. The...
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    An American HMMWV in Canada

    The truck is getting painted this weekend. I went with some smitty built seats. Aside from some spacers and drilling new holes these seats are drop in. Perfect for what I need. the drivers seat required a bit more work. Mainly a couple spacers and mounting plates. I reused the height and front...
  15. The King Machine

    An American HMMWV in Canada

    I started with the tires. I hoisted the truck up on the car lift. That was a little tricky in its self lol. The truck felt front heavy and the frame being so far inboard it required a few adjustments before I was comfortable lifting. After doing some reading and my intentions being to off road...
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