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    Broken Belt Replacement

    Hello all! Quick update: Brents347 gave me a fantastic writeup on how to do it. I pulled off the alternator and water pump pulley, found the tension nut for the power steering pump and got it loose, However, the PS pump still wont move. I put a large bar on it and wedged with enough force to...
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    Broken Belt Replacement

    Hello all! My Unimog broke its front hydraulic belt and threw the alternator belt, so I need to replace all three. So far I removed the skid plates to expose the front hydraulic pump, and I drained and unbolted the radiator. My reasoning is that the rad comes out then the fan comes off and then...
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    Not building pressure in main air tank

    So I started my Mog up today and waited for it to warm up and build pressure, but it never did. The gauge showed 45lb but would not build. I shut down the machine and investigated. i drained the air from both tanks and found that air was getting to the small rear tank, but not to the larger main...
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    Loud bangs while operating backhoe

    Thank you, Im young enough that I don't use much paper. I don't know why but i found those once, and then could never find it again. Lots of reading to do.
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    Loud bangs while operating backhoe

    Thank you @peakbagger I will read through this in time. While we are on the subject of downloadable manuals, Do you have a link to the TM's for the SEE? I have been struggling to find copies online I grease my machine every Tuesday, @Speedwoble but I do believe you may be on to something with...
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    Loud bangs while operating backhoe

    Has anyone else heard a loud bang/popping sound while operating the backhoe? I hear it when doing tougher tasks like moving the Mog around side to side with the bucket, or when digging hard frozen ground. I think its possibly a spring binding up on the suspension, but can't find the source...
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    Flu419 SEE troubles

    I had a similar issue happen shortly after buying my Mog. I was taking a friend for a ride around the bock, Put the Splitter into low and nothing. I had front hydraulics as expected, but no gears. I did not try the PTO. I could hear and feel the clutch engaging and the sound of something...
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    Should I buy this thing?!? Lol

    When i bought mine i looked for like a month, and bought the first one in my budget. YOLO.
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    SEE Transmission not operating in any forward or reverse gear

    Check your fuses. This happened to me and when my father replaced a blown fuse, it had gears again.
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    Flu 419 Lost all gears in intersection

    ****UPDATE***** When checking this out before purchasing it, we found a blown fuse for the bucket up down switch. we swapped that for another fuse to test it out. turns out that other fuse has something to do with the air solenoid and hi/lo range... replaced that fuse and it has gears again...
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    Flu 419 Lost all gears in intersection

    I was able to evacuate the intersection with a chain and a truck. I was not far from my house. I have to make a 30 mile road trip with this soon, so i've been testing it out around the house. glad It broke where it did because any farther away i would have had to have it towed. Where...
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    Flu 419 Lost all gears in intersection

    Hello all I recently purchased a 1990 FLU 419. It is in decent condition. It ran, drove, dug, cut, drilled, hammered and more! I drove it around the yard, to the gas station and back, dug up a few stumps, and went to take a friend for a ride. I engaged the hi/lo range selector on the 4 speed...
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