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    Strange noise on m35a2

    I agree as annoying as it is you definitely want it to work when you need it.
  2. V8srfun

    Power Driven Diesel Air Filter Restrictive?

  3. V8srfun

    Brake drum adapter bolts

    Call big mikes I hear he is usually able to get things even when not listed on his website. Also check fastenall
  4. V8srfun

    Questions after crawling under it.

    Can you post pictures of your hydraulic power steering. I like seeing how people engineer their own kits.
  5. V8srfun

    my new m35a2

    This is how I had mine couldn’t imagine if something that heavy fell off the stand
  6. V8srfun

    1971 M35A2C Multifuel starting issue

    If you find a shop that repairs radiators they will boil your fuel tank. You can also try a machine shop and see if they will put your tank in the engine block hot tank to clean it.
  7. V8srfun

    Dump Bed Kit Installation

    How much does this kit cost
  8. V8srfun

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Those look like Goodyear g177’s
  9. V8srfun

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    It is definitely a work in process I would say it is pretty from far but far from pretty if you know what I mean. Eventually one day I would like to paint it but That is a lot of work and I am too cheap to pay somebody to do it
  10. V8srfun

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    it is original but I like it this way as I mainly use it to do work around the house. It is funny before I purchased the truck I sat down with my wife to discuss what better suited our needs a regular pickup truck or a m35a2 and it quickly became apparent that the pickup truck was not practical...
  11. V8srfun

    Deuce cargo cover and bows

    I honestly don’t know what they go for on average. What are you asking for the camo cover.
  12. V8srfun

    Deuce cargo cover and bows

    My truck did not have a cover or bows when I bought it. So if anyone has some to sell please let me know. I am in Pennsylvania and would like to avoid shipping if at all possible.
  13. V8srfun

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Took the deuce to go vote!!!!! I love driving this truck
  14. V8srfun

    Oil level

    My oil pressure is similar at idle but I think mine took a little over 22 when I changed it.
  15. V8srfun

    Bad airpack?

    That is interesting you may be able to rebuild the air pack for much less than replacing it. But it really can’t be anything but the air pack there is no other source for pressurized air to get in the system.
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