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    Findlay Ohio 2021 show, Sell, Trade, Wanted List/ May14-16

    I'm looking for a winch cable for my M35A2. I would like NOS/New/Not rusty Condition if possible. Let me know what you have. Thank you.
  2. Wildchild467

    M925a2 Power Surge

    11/16/18 Engine still in truck. I think he is working on his second kid. At least his engine won't have blowby after he puts it in.
  3. Wildchild467

    M939 Series Arctic Personnel Heater Installation Questions

    All the part numbers for this heater are in the manual. I had to dig deep to find them for the mounting brackets. If you were going to save parts from your old heater it would be the blower motor and the heater core.... Or save it all so if you decide to go back to the original setup, you have...
  4. Wildchild467

    M35A2 Spindle Nut Tightness

    Id go tighter than on the loose side. After I have packed bearings on my deuce and then took it for a drive, the bearings always seem to seat themselves after a drive and loosen up. Every time. So I would make them on the snug side because if they are loose, I have had wheel seals leak because...
  5. Wildchild467

    Calling on all Michigan Historic Military Vehicle Owners

    My deuce is registered historical in Michigan. Historical insurance as well and the plate is in the glovebox.
  6. Wildchild467

    All 5-tons: Heavy Duty Torque Rod Ends

    I want to be there when you break the tap off in your lathe.
  7. Wildchild467

    deuce steering gear

    I looked a long time ago but and I did not see anywhere in the TM where it calls out how to adjust them. I thought that they are directly part of that steering shaft and not meant to be serviced? I believe they had a lock ring on them as well.
  8. Wildchild467

    deuce steering gear

    How easy do those "tapered studs" turn in that pitman arm shaft? I had mine out a long time ago to replace the bushings and it was difficult to turn. Just wondering how others are.
  9. Wildchild467

    Any Pics/Info of a 5.9 Cummins install?

    Its been 2 years since my deuce engine took a powder. Anybody looking for a follow up on this thread can read my other thread about my engine rebuild here:
  10. Wildchild467

    Looking for dimensions
  11. Wildchild467

    Engine swap on an m35

    I have heard you say you would love to hear a deuce with a Detroit! haha! My concern with going with more power is the transmission not being able to handle it. an 4-71 N/A is about 160 horse. That would work good in my truck with plenty of power. My concern is the oil pan on a 4-71. Would it...
  12. Wildchild467

    Exhaust Brake on an M35A2

    Pacbrake had one that looked like it would have fit our application because it had a 45 degree bend in the brake mechanism. I think it fit a 5.9 cummins.
  13. Wildchild467

    IP installment with a mystery

    I had the same issue and this is what fixed it. Also make sure you have the correct o-ring in there to seal the shut off shaft. some reason the best one I could get to fit was the OEM military one. Anyway, of those two screws are too tight it will make it hunt. Honestly, I think its my deuce...
  14. Wildchild467

    Engine swap on an m35

    But Jake Brakes..... oh the sweet sound of Jake Brakes! haha! I don't live far from Detroit so it is almost fitting I re-power it with a Detroit. I do agree a 6BT would be a great engine. More power and higher revving. There was never a Jake Brake for a 5.9, correct?
  15. Wildchild467

    Engine swap on an m35

    I know this is an old thread but I thought this would be a good place to put it... I rebuilt the engine in my deuce and I still have blowby issues. I hate that it didn't turn out good and It does not make me happy at all. I am toying around with the idea of putting a 4-71 Detroit in my truck if...
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