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    G506 Leaf spring top plates

    Perfect! Thank you.
  2. WW2Chevy

    G506 Leaf spring top plates

    Wow! Thats pretty cool! I'll have to see if I can find a part number or something...
  3. WW2Chevy

    G506 Leaf spring top plates

    Looking for a pair of leaf spring top plates. Plates are 2-1/4 wide x 5-1/2 long, and look similar to this: The truck is a 1942 Chevy G506 1-1/2 ton 4x4 army truck.
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    G506 cab fitment

    There are a couple of G506 groups on Facebook. There are a couple guys located in PA I believe.
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    Need transfer case help

    EBAY... or one of the vendors. von Rosensteil, Rex Ward, etc.
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    G506 cab fitment

    They made a COE G506, but the undercarriage was vastly different. Would be a HUGE undertaking, and likely end up costing much more then finding the correct cab. BTW, you could more easily find a civilian 40-46 Chevy farm truck and use the cab. There are some minor differences but are...
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    CCKW Garwood 2U512 winch parts diagram with bearings and seals numbers Needed

    Did you ever find the information you needed for your 2U-512??
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    G506 / G7107 / G4112 Identification help

    IF there is a number on the frame, it will generally be immediately above the front axle; and may be on either side. As I indicated, most G506 trucks will not have a number on the frame.
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    G506 identification

    The Y model trucks (YP and YQ) were earliest. The YP and YQ simply indicated wheelbase. YP is standard, YQ is long. They had a number of characteristics they shared with civilan trucks, that were changed with the later trucks. these included park brakes on the rear axle, battery under the...
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    1942 cckw project thread

    Symbol on the door indicates use by the Sixth Service Command...Nice truck!!
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    G506 / G7107 / G4112 Identification help

    The dataplate is going to be either on the dashboard (early trucks) or the header above the windshield (later trucks). Some trucks that went through depot rebuild will have the VIN number stamped on the top of the front frame rail; but most Chevy G506 trucks do not.
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    G7117 Axle questions

    Just a word of warning... these trucks are notorious for snapping rear axle shafts. I've seen them wherre the longest rear shaft is twisted along its length, just like a candy cane I've also seen the spline end of the shaft snap clean off. Nothing for speed, but man they have the torque!
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    Engine replacement for MAN KAT 6x6

    Some place to look...
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