1957 Utica Bend Restoration


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Question for you old troops. What color was the block on the REOs' and the Continentals'? Both of the engines of both makes I have the first coat was blue. Did the gov repaint them OD right away or was it done at the first repaint job on the truck? I know about the semi gloss black parts ( gen, starter etc.) on the engine but not sure about the block.

What say you ....JT...........DD........anyone ?

Need to repaint the replacement engine correctly and do the engine compartment before sticking the new engine in the truck. Much easier that way.
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I too have wondered what color the engine is supposed to be on my Continental 331. It is blue in my truck and my comfortable little theory of WHY it is blue just got blown out of the water-----------.

I assumed (yep--I know, I know) that my engine maybe ended up blue from being rebuilt during it's career as a fire truck.
You see, the assistant fire chief told me he had volunteered mechanical services for the old girl through his shop over the years such as mounting tires (see avatar) etc. at his FORD dealership that he owns. The blue on the Continental looks just like FORD blue. Whoda thunk it that REO/Continental would have painted it FORD blue.

Then I read this !!! Cracks me up!!



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Interesting Jim. I suppose seeing how REO used the Gold Comet engine (and then later the Continental) in many other applications the engines could have been painted blue in the engine factory for the civilian market trucks etc.. If so did REO/Studebaker paint the engines OD at the engine factory or were they painted OD at the truck assembly plant before being installed in a G-742 truck?????

A lot would depend on when the black components were added to the engine. I see no overspray at all on the engines of either blue or OD. I would guess the block was painted OD before who ever added the black items got the engine completed.

At this point I would guess that the completed block minus the black items was sent to the truck assembly plant either in a blue color or a OD color which would have been painted over the standard civilian blue block.

All the above color trivia is interesting to a collector type person but really has no meaning to others. Only the true OD sickness person will care...........and some of us are some very old OD sick troops. No comment Clinto..........
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I'm glad it runs. I sent you the best 3 plug wires, one of each length. I would have sent all 6 but I have a cold misfire on old red right now.
Didn't someone tell me they would not restore another truck? I'm sure it will be 100% perfection when it is done!

Karl kostman

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Gene great to hear from you again its been awhile! The looks like a very nice project and the price was just way to good not to pick up! I look forward to seeing pics as the progress continues!
Take care and have a great winter


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That is a clean looking truck!!!
Looking forward to following this thread.
BTW - The OA-331 in my M47 has what I assume to be strata-blue showing under the OD.


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Got to looking at this old thread today. Since I started this thread I have done 3 more "Last truck I am going to do" projects. A Marine M37, An AF blue M35a2, and a Marine M931A2. The 1957 Utica Bend and its new running REO engine is sitting in the storage area pretty much untouched. Along with some other stuff, like 3 parts M37s,trailers, etc..

Not sure what I will do with the 1957 truck. It still is in pristine condition and needs to be dealt with (restored).. I am shifting back to the gun collecting hobby as that stuff is easier to work on. JIm or Clinto need to figure out who will come and get the truck as it is theirs free for the taking. The engine needs to go back to Jim if he needs it however. Those two guys can figure that out.


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Just got off of the phone with Clinto. Come and get the truck Jim, Clinto said he has to much stuff on his shovel at this time. So anytime you want to pick it up is fine with me. Will see if I can get Vic to be there also as he has the heavy equipment that might be needed to load the truck, depending on what type of trailer you come up with.
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