1960 CJ-5


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San Antonio, TX
I have a 1960 CJ-5 that I am rebuilding. Since someone decided that I didn't need it, they wrecked into it and pushed it into the right side of my 2001 Dodge pickup. Bent the right rear axle and damaged the rear end. The rear end has been completely rebuilt. Frsame has been wire brushed down to metal and repainted. New body has been installed as the original was really rotted out from east coast weather. It had the cover for the battery box on the body, but was not functional. Replaced the complete wiring system as that too was in dire need of repair, way too many splices. Replaced the rear lights with updated LED style fixtures. Could not get the fuel pump to work so that was replaced with an electric one. The distributor has also been replaced with an electronic model. All new rims (16") and tires. Jeep had military style decals on dash and they have been saved along with the VIN data plate. Painted in USMC colors. I also have the gun mount and demiled .50 cal gun for use in parades. Original 4 cylinder engine (12V). Now for some reason the engine will not start. Was running good then all of a sudden it stopped. I think that the cerb may need to be rebuilt also. Any other ideas??


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New Sharon IA
Fuel, spark and air. Gotta be one if those. Check voltage on the coil, if good, go to points/condenser. If all the electronics test good, go to fuel. You can disconnect the fuel line at the carb, turn the engine over to see if you have fuel pressure. If none, plugged filter or pickup, even the line possibly. If there's pressure, carb needs attention.

That's it in a nutshell.
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