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Should I look for something else to bob?
If that were my truck, I'd put 395's on LMTV rims on it and leave it 6x6. Put a good paint job on it and call it done.

If you're not planning to use it loaded, 16.00s on hemtt rims are the choice, but they take quite a bit away from the bottom end.

I'd not consider bobbing a dump truck. If bobbing something is an absolute must, I'd start with an M818.

That dump truck is worth a premium if the dump function works. Sell it and buy an 818 and pocket the difference. You end up at the same place, except more $ in your pocket.

I'm going to send you a PM. I drive right by you frequently...


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Use an M931(A2). It's the short frame length, so no frame cuts needed. Study the rear suspension, use springs on the outside of the frame and put air bags for a load. You can vastly improve the ride and when you hall a load on a trailer, have the air already in place for trailer air brakes.

I sold one (a 931A2) that was a beauty and would make the perfect bob. He's wanting to sell it and offered a great deal to me.

I had an 817 that I loved.....would buy another...or trade. Absolutely don't do it to an 817/818. The creature comforts of the 931A2 are worth it.

98g is spot on about tires.....for play go big but for work, go 395.
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