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Bend, Oregon
my batteries died because i left the battery cutoff switch on for a week or two. i tried jumping from my 12v truck to charge each battery separately for a short period with the cutoff switch off. then i tried jumping the batteries and the whole series while starting the mk23 (cutoff now in the on position)

since this wonderful time, my alternator stopped charging completely. i have the same alternator on an M1123 and it never has this type of issue no matter how i jump it.

is it possible i damaged the alternator, or threw some other fuse or breaker of some sort?

this sucks because i also need to use the MK23 to rescue a snocat with a likely seized engine out near Santiam pass!

i can swap the alternator from the M1123 and will try that soon but curious if there is any smarter advice


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Herriman UTAH
I would not think you damaged the alternator just by trying to jump especially if the the cut off switch was off. I am not aware of any fuse or circuit breaker from the alternator to the battery. If there is one, it would be big like 150 amps or more.

If the alternator is not putting out power I would check the regulator attached to it first. I have heard that they can fail.

The best way to check the alternator is to unhook the wires and then test for voltage out of it. Without load, it should be 28 or more volts. Be careful because the wires carry a lot of amps and it can weld stuff.


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