An extra ordinary but enjoyable drive out


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Over the weeks I have been working on my OT65G FUG, Servicing and getting all the operational features working, (After translating the operational instruction plates translated from Russian!).
Tinygpw11 helped by replacing a fractured air pipe under the floor of the driver compartment.
One of his uncles was given a 'surprise driver day' on his 60th birthday.
I took him for a spin in my jeep of many (Many many!) years and let him drive it which chuffed him no end.
On that morning of the day, the jeep would not start...????~~~~####!!
Put in did start but overheated and on checking the fan belt had snapped.
hmmm, ok the ride on mower belt fits.
no start!!!???''''
the union on the fuel filter was broken!
oooo,K...I made one up.
it (The jeep) wouldn't start xxx###''!!
One of the platinum points.....Had...(WAAAT the..##)!..fallen off!!.
replaced the points with a make up of some old point sets!!.
The jeep ran like pooo!!.
Advanced the ignition about 15000 degrees and, whammo, stated ran and drove best ever.
The guy on the driver day had just got his breath back when ROARRR! I took him for a drive in the Diamond T.
He was eggz Statico,
Then I took him and some of the family who had arranged the surprise out in the FUG..they were more than impressed..(Or, was that 'frightened!).

Today benny m45 came home on leave from the army.. (Where did TIME go?). He drove the fug.
On the 26th of this month he attends his driver driver training course.....(To teach 'THEM'..( just kidding))..

Also today his 'drone' pictured the FUG drive from 300 feet above! an amazing thing that.

With his assistance we figured out how the auxiliary wheels powered up and down, How the propeller covers powered open and shut, and how the twin propellers spun up.



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