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In Memorial
In Memorial
Detroit, michigan
Hello everyone, My wife and I are doing a 501(C)3 non profit. Sense I have not a clue on how to build a WEB SITE I thought I would ask for help from our great guys on here.

(Basics) My wife and I are going to purchase about 80 to 100 Acres here in southern Michigan. (Goal) My wife and I have spent a lot of time and work to try to find a really great place. (STILL LOOKING)
We want to buy about 100 acres to start building. This will all be done with grants and donations. We have several DR.s working with us, that are Psychologist, ( Psychiatrist, counselors, and several other
health care providers.
We plan to give our troops a complete mental and physical eval. The health of our troops is our main goal. When they get back they will be welcomed to come to The Retreat, bring their spouse and their
Children, and have a way to put their tour in complete perspective. We are going to work with the GOV and get some Military Equipment. We will have a large Museum, we will get most equipment, from
1985 and newer. This will also be a way to get money coming in to help run the retreat.

I need someone to be able to build a site that we will be able to take over and continuously update events, pictures, classes and so on.

We have spent Billions of dollars training our troops on how to protected us. So far they have done a great job. Now it's our turn to spend money on our patriots, and protect them.

Mark P.M. me if you want to chat.
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