"Cane Trucks" in Upper Luzon, Philippines, 1976


West Melbourne Florida
When I was stationed at Clark Air Base in 1975 & 76 I drove up to Ilocos Norte (Northern Luzon, Republic of the Philippines) and captured this priceless photo of sugar cane trucks waiting to unload at a processing plant. If you wondered what happened to all the trucks after the war, here they are.


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Collectors paradise..thanks for the picture. Wonder if they upgraded to the M35s later.
I live near Clark and also UK, and have CCKW’s there. 352 cargo and a 352 DUMP
Still some CCKW’s running, but all have spurious diesels with M 35 transmissions and running gear..
Everything I find out here, is totally past its sell by date, and they still want amazing money: it’s fun looking 🤔


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Burgkunstadt, Germany
Up until not all that long ago, we had good relations with the Philippines. We gave/sold them a bunch of equipment. In 1985, I was in WOC school. In the Tech Phase, we had a Philippine SSG, (old guy, maybe 45-50) and a Major from Taiwan in our class. The Major was a office guy, and had no idea about what any of the equipment did. The SSG drank beer, day and night. But if you didn't watch him, you would never know it. One day we were looking at some real old gear. The Engineer School has a nice collection. Our instructor made the comment, that the old, old shovel, from the 40-50's, was in good condition, but no one knew how to use it. Drive it, yes, but use it, no.

The SSG walked over, climbed up into it, and fired that baby up. And drove off into the sunset! Down to the Million Dollar Hole, (the school training area) and started to dig some holes. He could make that thing sing! We just stood there in awe. Then he drove back, parked and spun the cabin around. Climbed down and said, "Its time for some mothers milk, (that's what he called beer) lets go". And trudged off to the classroom. He did not have to buy beer the rest of our time in Ft. Lost in the Woods.
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