Chinese Delco Clone Alternator Conversion P/N's


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Hi all. I just wanted to post a quick thread indicating that I do not have or know the civilian alternator conversion "part numbers". I do sell complete kits for the Cummins 8.3L which includes all needed. I have also politely posted the Cummins 8.3L civilian alternator bracket part number for those wishing to do it themselves, of which many have utilized. For the NHC-250, I have never developed such because I do not own or have easy local access to a 250 truck to do so. Also, nearly 100% of people are using a Chinese Delco clone alternator (they do work very well), which not only do not have their own unique part number, but also their identification changes per each internet vendor that sells them. Even when I sell kits, I have to actually know via methods other than part numbers of what is needed because it all changes, per vendor, constantly.

For the 8.3L kit, I only profit $100. This gets all you need in a single box on your porch, with infinite installation support, of which most all have not needed to even use. Alternator, both brackets, pulley installed, all fasteners, pre-assembled, etc... That $100 profit completed all the research, testing, did 237 trips to hardware stores, bought lots of wrong parts to find the right ones, etc, so you don't have the headaches. Trust me, I'm not getting rich off it.

Even for those that have done a 250 conversion, each and every one has been at least a pinch different from the others. Positioning, pulley dish, brackets, belts, etc..... I can't even try to post what to use in those situations with the 250 engine. Apology. I have tried before, got it wrong, and realized I'd better just shut up before even more people bought wrong parts based on my errant info. Apology to those that may have a long while back.

For those trying to do a conversion themselves in an effort to save every last nickel they can upon doing so, that is OK, but I don't support those builds with "part number" hand outs. Not really because I am trying to make a dollar, but mostly instead because I don't know your setup, what other parts you acquired, and regarding the Chinese alternators and pulleys, there really are no designated part numbers. I make the included 8.3L lower alternator bracket myself so it does not have a part number as well.

Don't take this the wrong way, I wish I could support the 250 engine better, but I am not in a position to do so correctly as I can the 8.3L, because my M925a2 is in my backyard. Same with Chinese part numbers, since clones started coming out of China, there really is no solid part numbering system, and even when there is, so many different variations will or will not work. I really feel bad giving information that will not work for somebody, and not knowing what you have, I am just politely passing up front on doing so. When I do my kits, I assemble it all together on my desk before dropping it into a box so I know it is all going to fit and work. Even then, it is not always 100% first time, and I need to grab something different to fix it before it goes out.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks.
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