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Comments on the M561/M792 Gama Goat Parts X-Ref thread


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I hope this can help contribute part info to the M561/M792 Gama Goat Parts thread.

Please post comments about the 'M561/M792 Gama Goat Parts X-Ref thread'

Since there are 5 or 6 projects currently in the process of getting Goats up and running, plus the handful of Goat owners with historic info from when they were completing their restorations, along with the passing of Russ Blackburn Jr. and thus the loss of the gamagoat.com website, it would be nice to consolidate parts info.

So if you have part info to add please follow this guidance:

1.) put the item in the subject line,
2.) start the post with item name, part#, brand, quantity and NSN if you have it.
3.) don't quote previous posts,
4.) uncheck the box with your long signature lines,
5.) limit images to the picture of the part, or of its location, or electrical schematics.
6.) if you post up someone else info give them credit, post their username in parenthesis
7.) if you have an addition or update, PM the OP or a Moderator and ask them to add/update the info, rather than having info in multiple places. Or you can just PM it to me and I will tr to get it added.
8.) MM is a members message, not TM driven info.

For Technical Manuals go to:
http://www.steelsoldiers.com/showthread.php?119161-Gamagoat-manuals (patracy)
http://www.steelsoldiers.com/showthread.php?118882-M561-TM-9-2815-214-34-Engine(goat whisperer)

Posthumous thank you to Russel E. Blackburn Jr., Wrangler of the now defunct Gamagoat.com

The following is borrowed from his site.


I have been in several organizations, military and civilian, and have never worked with such a special group of
people as us "Goat Herders." We are truly dedicated to the preservation of the Gama Goat and sharing of knowledge
for future generations. Every one of us truly deserves credit for this fantastic web site.

Our web site will be one year old this month (February 2004), and we have already had over 56,000 visits to our
website. We have the worlds leading web site for Gama Goats, and set examples for many other military vehicle web
sites to follow; simply put there are no better military vehicle web sites in the whole world!

I wish to thank all of you for the wonderful award plaque - it honestly brought tears to my eyes when I was surprised
to receive it in the mail today (22 January 2004). A very special thanks to all of you who took the time and effort to
make this a special day for me and Gamagoat.com. All of you will always be special in my heart.

-Russell E. Blackburn Jr.
Gamagoat.com Webmaster
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Chevron Delo 100 is specifically designed for Detroit 2 stroke diesels.

I buy it from west marine.
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First timer here guys bare with me, Ok I am looking for all the rubber hydraulic brake lines or if you know of a retrofit that will work. It seems like these hoses are hard to get can someone please help


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Washington State
First timer here guys bare with me, Ok I am looking for all the rubber hydraulic brake lines or if you know of a retrofit that will work. It seems like these hoses are hard to get can someone please help
Are you looking for PN 11659951? They're the brake lines at each wheel. They're available on a popular auction site starting with the letter E... Unfortunately, site rules don't allow me to insert the link. Just search by the pn

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Hi all . I have 6 Gama Goat seat for sale. $25.00 each and they have the frames. If there is an interest, I will post pictures.. Thanks, Rob

Terry Shelswell

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Holly, MI USA
I have recently acquired an M561 and I am quite interested to learn all that I can about this MV. Thanks so much to all M561/792 owners in this thread for their info.

I am in need of 1 of the flex lines between the fuel tank and the hull, and some other parts that I probably don’t even know that I need yet. Who is the best source?

Thanks, Terry


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any local hose shop , I converted mine to Teflon stainless braid with AN fittings. sourced my fittings from a national speed / race supply catalog


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The brake hoses are using hydraulic compression fittings, according SAE J514 standard. I purchased mine at at www.discounthydraulichose.com. They can make any length with any fitting on the end. The goat uses 1/4" steel brake lines, which is the -04 size. It would also be possible to purchase compression fitting to inverted flare adapters, and use normal brake hoses.

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