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Hello fellow Steel Soldier owners.
I just picked up my 1st project truck, shes a 1968 m37
The big question I have to start is where is the best place to order parts from? At this point all i need are

Soon i'll be needing rebuild kids for the
Fuel Pump
and whatever else you guys might suggest

I am going to keep as much as i can original since shes in such great shape already!
(The long story, if people have time to kill)
I just picked her up last weekend and i already switched out the points to an electronic distributor. I was able to fire her up and i even dive a lap around the block. in less then 1/2 mile i had a few neighbors already calling me telling me the truck is kick A$$ and they want to know more. I'm trying to learn more myself so any help is welcome. I'm very mechanical and have already enjoyed working on her for a few hours since everything is very simple and straight forward.

Is anyone else on here located in/around the New Hampshire area?


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VPW is good as gold. The parts they sell are the parts they use on their own trucks.


Metro East IL
While I have no problem with VPW and have bought plenty from them over the years,
Don't forget about John at Midwest Military @
And closer to you in NC. AB Linn 704-637-9076 and in,
MA. Bob Stahl @ Veteran Vehicles 508-384-7698
Good Luck on you Truck.


Marion, IN
Congratulations and welcome. Check out the site. Many of them are members here as well but truly THE site for all things M37.

If you look around on the search engines, you can find a copy of the M37 parts cross reference tables. These will give you the NAPA or other parts suppliers' part numbers for some of the more common mechanical parts. I recommend staying way from NOS rubber stuff and seals.
You mean rubber that's been sitting around for 50+ years might be cracking/breaking down? lol
I'll differently be using the cross reference table. I'm going to be using Bob Stahl from Veteran Vehicles, he is about 2hrs away and was very helpful on the phone 508-384-7698

Alright time to take the fuel pump off. I have been told to use one from NAPA #M2090 I guess it is easier on the cam?


Metro East IL
That's Great that Bob can help you.
He is a one man operation so you need to give him time.
Very knowledgeable and all around nice guy.
I just received an order from him Friday.

I took my starter out today to clean it up since it sat for years. When i opened it up it had a little rust inside so i cleaned it up and put it back together. While cleaning it up i noticed the electrical contacts on top of the starter where the foot plunger makes contact are worn out. can i order new pads/contacts or....?


I think i have a stuck valve on my motor... Whats the best/easiest way to free it up? I have the stock 6 in it with the L heads.
The reason i think this is the truck was sitting outside for 10+ years, and i know i have a strong spark to all plugs after the tune up.
Please feel free to correct me if i'm mistaking.


Contoocook, NH
Im in Contoocook, got an old rat of an M, had several stuck valves. Im not saying this is the best repair but since it didnt matter i just sprayed penetrating oil under the valves and hit them down with a dead blow hammer, hand cranked the motor to raise them and repeat. Once they started moving a little better I actuated the starter with a bar while playing whack a mole with the valves, worked like a charm!
Once it was freed up I cleaned the seats and valves with 220 sandpaper and green scothbrite pads, would gently close the valve on the product and rotate the paper/pad.
It actually runs well although I still cant believe it, goes 50 down the road although it prefers 45.
Disclaimer. This is not the end all to a perfect resto but it worked for me.
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