DOC'S New (to him) M38


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Columbus, Georgia
So, a few years ago one of the CAMO members passed away and left several MV's to his son. The son had NO knowledge about MV's and very little interest in learning but he kept some of the vehicles just because his dad owned them.

Fast forward.....The son was selling part of the property as it was just too big for his needs and DOC bought the remaining M38 and M38A1 from the son lust to keep things in the family.

DOC and I transported both vehicles to ZOUT'S compound so he could work his magic on them. DOC also turned the engine in to the local machine shop for a top-to-bottom rebuild.

Fast forward some more and Monday Tony and I picked up the engine because DOC had a real world emergency with a patient. (Yes.... I forgot to take pics...but I will).

ZOUT worked his magic on the M38 and is still tinkering on the M38A1.

Yesterday DOC and I were supposed to pick up the M38 from ZOUT'S AO but again, DOC was called away so Tony and I picked it up.

Soon, we will begin the "find the bolts and screws and other parts mission" and begin putting her back together. I'll try to update as things happen.

Here's a couple of pics to gain your interest:


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