Electrical issues after jump start.

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My agency still has a M1009 in service. It has always been reliable when used regularly. However it was allowed to sit for over a month with the mobile radio left on and obviously the batteries were drained. I was not present but evidently it was jump started by hooking to the front battery. Since then it has to be jumped every time. Additionally as soon as you take the cables off everything electrical ceases to work.
The 24V system is still in place and there doesn’t seem to be a hack job done to the wiring. Since I own a ‘09 this has been out on me to try and fix or it will likely be removed from service rather than a bunch of additional funds spent on it. All my coworkers and I love the nostalgia of it and hate the idea of losing it. Sadly I am not the most mechanically inclined so be gentle with me.

I removed the batteries today and a buddy took them to charge. I checked the fuse box and could find anything blown. Tomorrow I plan to break out the TMs and give it a going over.

ANY advice you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.



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The batteries can be charged fully to 12 volts and the problem will still exist. Have the batteries load tested and make sure you are getting the correct amperage. 12 volt batteries can have 12 volts and very low cranking amps. That would be the first thing. Then check all the connections for clean tight and NO bolt on battery cable clamps. Good Luck. The exterior of the truck looks fine. it is what is under the hood that matters. Has the starter been checked or replaced? Report back. Thank You and Be Safe.


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Like Rick said, load testing is the key, as I found out the other day when my tractor wouldn't start. Voltage read 13v, but as soon as I turned the key, nothing would happen. Charged it for an hour, checked all the fuses and wiring, the relay and the key switch itself, which was good. After changing I hooked the battery back up, turned the key and still nothing. Pissed and frustrated, I called my buddy (A Case Tractor expert and Tim the Tool Man would be jealous) and he brought over and hooked up a portable load tester to the battery. He laughed and said the battery ws shot. Went and bought a new battery, hook it up and she fired on the first turn of the key.


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If the batteries sat dead for a month they are shot. As soon as you follow the excellent advice given above, you'll be informed of that by whomever tests them. That firm will not be lying to drum up a sale. Those batteries are toast.

In addition, jumping it like that may have fried some diodes in your alternators. But one thing at a time - get some new batteries in it, then check to see if it's charging.
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