Fake CUCV M1009

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I've thought about doing this, because I'm getting old and the real thing is not noted for it's creature comforts. I've seen guys put in AC, sound proofing, seats, stereo, ect, but I haven't seen anyone take an 84 diesel Silverado Blazer and add on all the military parts from bumper to bumper. You don't need any of the interior military stuff unless you intend on adding radio equipment and it would look really out of place in a silverado interior anyway. But the outside could be made to look CUCV easier than adding all these accessories to a M1009. As far as under the hood stuff, change out the intake. You don't need to convert to 12v since you already have it. Maybe somebody has done this and I just missed it. Guys that want a bone stock CUCV could be disgusted, but guys that do all the modifications may see it different, it won't have any military bones, but how much does that matter to ya?


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there are a lot of suburban clones being done, I have not seen that many civy blazer units made to be like a cucv. The hardest part would be removing all the exterior trim pieces and filling the holes and then putting in the black out switch would probably be second but that may not be needed. You basically just need the front and rear bumpers.

I have not seen many civy diesel blazers out there, they do exist but not real common so finding a 6.2 civy my be difficult.

I think you should make the truck that you want. It does not matter what you start with as long as you finish with what you want.


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I agree that to find a diesel Blazer will be a vehicle hunt of epic proportion. I have seen 2, and they were 84 models. I am sure that you may find one in an area that has no real winter weather. Most by now have been converted to gasoline, or their service life has been met.

You may find a donor diesel truck, Suburban, or pickup and get all diesel related parts from them. And they are getting hard to find but at least once every couple months I see one for sale, just to far away to be practical to acquire. The last one that I purchased was an 82 3+3 dually for 400 bucks and it did run?

And if you find a Blazer, look at the floors to see how much has been fixed. Guys here know a lot more about Blazers than I, I just never tripped into one.

Good Luck in what you decide.

There are 2 or three right now at gov auction.
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A long time ago...like in the early 90s when CUCVs were still in full use and getting a surplus one was hard and if one did come up surplus it was because it was wrecked. I purchased a Yellow 84 Blazer that had been used in a construction company and slowly over time turned it into a M1009. At that time getting the military parts was tricky but eventually I got the brush guard (though it was bent from a wrecked CUCV and had to be straighten), the black out lights and the tow pieces and it looked good. It even fooled a motor pool SGT until he open the hood and found the 350 Chevy gas motor in there. I never did get it converted to diesel, but it was nice running down the highway at 65 mph with no problem. I would think today it could be done much easier, but the amount of work to make the outside look CUCV it might be easier to make the inside of a real CUCV comfy. Might be cheaper too.


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Looks like this has no activity for the last 7 months. I have both a civilian K-5 and a M-1009. Civilian model is a 1980 and the M1009 is an 86. The M1009 is my daily driver, had it since 2011, the 1980 I have had since 1986 so I know both of them very well. It all depends on what you really want and what you are willing to spend to make it happen. I see you are just across the river from me, enjoy this site, there is wealth of information and well documented projects to inspire you to create your own vehicle. Good luck in your journey!!
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