First post; deuce has IP problems (I think)

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Hi, I am brand new to this forum and the brand new owner of a 1968 M35A2. It doesn’t run...and I have to admit I bought it that way.
I have searched and searched this forum, which is awesome by the way, but I still need some advice if someone doesn’t mind helping me troubleshoot. Here’s the story:

the deuce was running in February and the previous owner had his mechanic (bubba) remove the IP and sent it to have it rebuilt. It came in and Bubba reinstalled it. From what I can gather, bubba said that the engine made a funny sound and it revved up. I was unable to gather just how high it revved, or exactly how it died, but was told they determined it a lost cause and this is when I bought it...
The engine spins with no interference that I can feel, so I tried starting it when I got it (Board ready at the intake) and it fired up, revved it’s balls off and I shut it down with a board over the turbo inlet (quickly).
After reading and watching videos for days, I learned how the HH and fuel control rod interact, and found once removed that the fuel rod was in wrong place and had pinned the (fuel control wheel?) the thing the tit moves up and down all the way up, which seems to be WOT. Here’s my current dilemma, and something I have yet to determine without removing the HH (which I will do if I have to, but would love to avoid);
Is the groove in the wheel that the tit on back of the fuel rod sits in the same all the way around the circumference, or does it have a specific space for the tit?
I ask this because with the fuel rod installed and the tit seemingly in the groove, I have a hellacious leak and the rod will not free travel if I tighten the hold down even close to enough to stop the fuel leak. It seems as though it needs a deeper groove so it can slide back ever so slightly, as it wants to work it’s way out when actuated.
Sorry for the long first post, just trying to include all pertinent details. Thank you in advance for any help you can throw my way, and I apologize if I have missed something in searching or have posted this in the wrong place.

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