Flat or satin.....

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My experience with flat paints is they show greasy fingerprints, dusty fingerprints, just everything...... etc.

I was thinking of using satin since I have had good experience with clean ability.

Do those that have done satin like it better?

My truck will not match true military finish anyway, so this is a functionality question only. The truck will be haze gray.


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Karl kostman

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When I painted my deuce I wanted a very flat OD Green thinking that this would best match the original Military paint, the painter fellow called me about the paint I had picked out to discuss just how FLAT it really was, it took me about 2 seconds of looking at it and feeling it to see it was WAY TO FLAT to the point of being just about porous! NO its very easy to take the term flat way to far, if I had stayed with that first flat I would have never gotten the truck clean because like you said every greasy finger, muddy boot print everything would have been there forever. I had the painter cut the paint a lot to give it a good mellow satin finish the truck is easily cleaned, nothing stains it and the paint is truly sealed to contaminates! Its the only way to go in my eyes!


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I’m contemplating the same thing Ramdough. I have to make that decision soon. Are you using Behr paint? Search for member buffalobwana. He painted his m923a2 in satin.
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