Future Steel Soldiers?

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Hey fellas, I considered posting this in the Jeep forum, but then decided that even though it's really close it's still a replica.

My boss bought this for his kids on his son's 4th birthday.
This is the coolest toy I have ever seen! It is a scale replica of a willys WW2-Korea Jeep!
Glass reinforced polyester body and steel frame, built by Junior Replicas, this mini-jeep is as close to the real thing as your kids could ever want!
I believe it is a 1/2 or maybe 2/3 replica, everything is to scale including the mini NDCC tires, NATO fuel can, pioneer tool rack, blackout headlamp, and the roll bar!

The jeep features 4 speeds (3 forward and 1 reverse) and is powered by an electric start Honda 6.9HP standard engine.
The (rations) box is actually the access door to the engine/transmission compartment.
Unfortunately it is only 2wd but I don't think the kids know the difference.
It has rack+pinion steering
Full suspension
A full size spare tire
A horn
Headlamps with strobes
Tail lamps with strobes and turn signals
A genuine fold flat windshield
A passenger side brake override pedal (for mommy or daddy to keep you from running down the neghbor's cat)
And the authentic 'data plates' for the 1/4 ton willys Jeep

When I have kids, and if I can tear it away from my boss, I'm buying it.


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1st Jeep

This old thread has a great title for several reasons so I'll bump it, start with the "Mini Beep", then talk about Future Steel Soldiers.

My New Years resolution and 2018 best laid plan included working on projects that I currently have and not taking on any new tasks.

Then the phone rings.......

This Mini Beep showed up from one of the club members a few months ago but I'm not really a jeep guy so I didn't go after it real hard. I got the secret email yesterday from one of the great, aged and still quite stellar voiced MVPA mentors and the beep is in the back of my truck today. Still absorbing the history but it was a lawn mower that ran on Peerless trans axles similar or the same as the mini dozer. http://struckcorp.com/older_products/magnatrac-mt3000/ I'm sure I saw these in Popular Mechanics when I was a kid.

mini beep.jpgP1071082.jpg

Since I had no plans 24 hrs ago the first thought is to restore it as much as possible and let kids drive it at shows, even Gimpyrob because it's easy to flip back over. After trying to find more info about it on Steel Soldiers, I'm now thinking about a small block 350 on a bobbed deuce frame, a zamboni deck on the back, snow plow on the front or all wheel electric motor driven, solar powered submarine derp jeep.


A few years ago our Canadian Civil Defence Museum Association team started illustrating/ displaying civil defence items at a local high school and we're seeing a growing interest in the topic with more invites.

It's taking a small effort to make an impact on kids that will be the voting mass in a few years and will help dictate the future of an older generation of 'gas guzzling strange vehicle collectors'.

What other things can we do as current MV owners to ensure we lay the best path for Future Steel Soldiers and MV enthusiasts?


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Mini Beep Struck Company

Looks like the new style mini beep company will stop production on June 1st, 2018. Here are a few articles about the 1967 Popular Science magazine info and a neat little documentary about the dozer style mini-beep.

""""Most of us don’t remember the Struck Popular Science magazine cover story in May of 1967, but back then you could order the original Struck MINI-DOZER kit and plans to build your own MD34 MINI-DOZER. But after moving to Red Deer, Alberta, Randy got a flash back to 1967 when he came across an old, dilapidated Mini-Dozer at his neighbor’s house.""""

"""""""Effective November 18[SUP]th[/SUP], 2017, the Struck Corp has discontinued their MINI-BEEP MBA80 model.

Since 2011, the 4/5 scale, D-I-Y kit version of a World War II Willy’s JEEP®, has been available for Struck Corp customers to create in their own homes, making memories with their families and future generations. Usually made of plywood available at your local hardware store, Struck Corp customers have exhibited great artistic liberties throughout the years with our kits, some making their MINI-BEEP of steel, and others adding extra bells and whistles like ammo boxes, sirens, CD players, and canvas covers.
If you’re a MINI-BEEP owner or have recently purchased a MBA80-B Body Plans/Assembly manual, let us know of any pieces that you may still need or anticipate needing in the near future. Items such as tire kits can be located through local vendors, as the Struck tire kits will no longer be available for sale.
Enjoy kit sale prices now through June 1[SUP]st[/SUP], 2018, until supplies last. After this date, wearing parts will be the only ones that are available to purchase for maintenance or upkeep purposes.""""""

This articulating Mini Beep got a bath today and a closer look. The steering wheel shaft has a gear on it that turns a bigger sprocket which turns the complete front half of the jeep. It should make it easy for splitting so we can sandblast and coat all those hidden areas. She steers like a front end loader so not real sure how easy it would be for kids.


The original Tecumseh engine ran a horizontal pulley that drove this long belt to what must have been "top loader" differentials. We have a bunch of electronic manuals to go through so lots to learn.


It's in real nice shape so it'll get that "Dick's Restoration" preservation job. Might even powder coat it. All options are on the table for suspension, drive gear, gas engine or electric motor.


Finding an old quad and borrowing the traveling suspension off it seems like a good idea if we can't find original parts. 48V Electric motor, 4 batteries and a solar panel on a new roll bar or external cage is smelling good too. If it's parade ready next year we'll be doing good.

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