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So I took the dog to the beach today for a swim (it's been hot as hell, damned climate change ie: summer). I was down a few miles from the crowds with nobody around for a quarter mile either direction.

The dog is mostly oblivious to birds 90% of the time but oddly she will track aircraft (and we have a lot of traffic from NAS Corpus, coasties, Blackhawks, and fixed wing trainers).

Today she perked up at something coming from the south. I have to watch for other dogs because she'll kill anything not on a leash that gets close. No dog, but I see a dot on the horizon and at first I thought is was a kiteboarder.

A split second later I realize it's a helo burning full tilt at about 50 feet off the deck doing maybe 150mph. I mean this guy was screaming at wavetop level !!!

As he comes into view I recognize it's a H125 and I figure maybe a Texas DPS bird. As it nears I see it's in two-tone desert camo (never seen that before). It's about 200 yards from shore when it passes and the dog is barking and jumping up and down and I'm screaming "OH **** YEAH" and giving a big thumbs-up to the crew.

He passes and then does a HARD right climbing 180 out over the Gulf, then whips back around South then another 180 and passes right over my truck!

Dood, I was sporting WOOD you could have hung a flag from. It was so cool.

No NA numbers that I could make out on either pass and nothing on the undercarriage. Just sand and tan blotch camo.

Of course by the time I grab my phone he's half-way to Port-Aransas so no pics. I launch my flight radar app (it's pretty good about military, civilian, and commercial tracks).


So cool but I wish I knew who it was...

I thought perhaps a hog-hunter bird from a ranch or something. But could have been anything . I sure couldn't seen any markings, though (and I was looking).

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