HELP! Stripped thread on a bolt...


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I was reassembling a flipped hub/drum & on the last of the ten bolts that hold the 2 together.....I stripped it. The bolt freely spins now. Since it is a major safety issue to leave as-is & do I fix it? Can I squirt some lock-tight in the hole & then screw in the bolt?

Also....these are the 3/4" bolts that have holes in the heads, so you can wire them together in pairs to stop spinning from occurring.

**** I just was not the bolt I stripped....but the hole that is in the hub. I switched bolts & had the same problem. ****




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Personally I'd hold out for another hub. I can't see why 7 bolts wouldn't hold it and in the event they let go, you would still have brakes, just not on that wheel. Helicoil is also an option.


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Install a heli-coil and call it a day.

You will have to remove the axle, but unless you want to tap to the next larger fine thread size and install a larger bolt, which I would not do.

Installation tool MSC Item Detail

Inserts MSC Item Detail

In smaller sizes you can purchase a kit that has the tap, drill bit, inserts and installation tool for around $45.

Off the top of my head I don't remember what size you will have to drill the hole to but MSC can help you out.


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I think you can make a compound that you can put in the hole that will hold the bolt.

First you clean out the hole real good with brake cleaner and then rubbing alcohol. You then use hydrogen peroxide to sterilize the hole. You do the same thing to the bolt.

Next you walk down to your neighbors house (the old guy, your best friend) and steal a piece of the wood he sells. You grind up some of that. Then you walk down your driveway and cut a chunk out of one of those tires that got left on the sides of your driveway. You grind up a little bit of rubber from one of the tires and mix it with the wood........

When you finally calm down from being pi$$ed off about the old guy and the tires you won't be so pissed about stripping out the bolt hole.

You then go get a heli-coil and fix the hole. :wink:
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