hmmwv ambulance body


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I traced one of the parts, and put a scale on the drawing, so you can check the size. Try to use a programm for printing that allows the option to print the pdf without any size adjustment.

The part is made from 1.25 mm aluminium, or 1/20" aluminum, whatever you prefer..... :)

The other side is just mirrored.
That's exactly what we need thanks ever so!


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As far as I know the only M996s were done back in '86 and they were only doing lapbelts back then. I added the 3 point belts and then had to change them because the original belts wouldn't fit one of my friends. There are at least 3 different lengtth 3 point belts, the longest of which is 110".

Cheers for that should help trying to find the right ones
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