How to jumpstart an M936A2 with an M998 using "normal" jumper cables


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On the hmmwv's military standard 2 battery system you connect positive to the positive post on the front battery and negative to the negative post on the rear battery (or frame).

On the military standard 4 battery setup on 939series trucks, connect the positive to the front left positive post and the negative to the right rear negative post (or vehicle frame).

IIRC, TM says the good vehicle is to not be running and power switch off. That's the way I typically do it, but I can't think of any reason not to have it running and add the alternator's output into the mix. (Input on this detail is welcome.)

Eye protection is a very good idea any time you're dealing with batteries, and hooking the ground to the good vehicle last, and disconnecting it first is also a best practice.

The shorter and thicker your cables are, the better off you are - the more amperage they can handle before they get hot, and the less voltage drop.

Pics -


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