How to remove this bushing??


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Using a drill and drill bit make a lot of holes all the way around. Making a bolt circle. You will need to use a LOT of oil on the drill bit otherwise the rubber will break the bit. When you have holes all the way around and all the way through, it will loose enough strength that you can knock it out with a hammer and a 1/2 drive extension for a punch.


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If you are asking about the riveted frame housing section with the rubber bushing I use a grinder on the outside of frame and grind as flush as possible and not grind on frame, scratching is ok. The rivets are countersunk into the frame some. Then I take a bit close to size of the rivet, drill an 1/8 deep into rivet and hammer and a punch to get through, 4 pound hammer might have to be used still not easy. On the passenger side fuel return line, brake line have to be watched. If you catch the bushing early enough it will not have wobbled out the housing hole.

Hope this helps but perhaps it is just the rubber and ken has you covered.[thumbzup]
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The springs are great. If I did it all over again I would buy the same springs but I would pop for the upgraded bilstein shocks.
My next project will be the superduty shock mounts and the extra long bilsteins.

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