Huge task undertaken


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Thank yuz'e all for the advice's... O'wever...OCD is..forever..(No bad thing..?).

So I DID take it easy today....Could not get the M35A2 in the shop because the OT 65 was in the way,....Flat batteries..Oh well..CLIMB up and in..neutral..Hand brake off..Climb out and down.. Lift the back end after chaining up..And pull it out with the fork truck..Deuce in OK,...Now the fun starts!..climb on forktruck..lift..PUSH..(A yard( A meter new measure)).. CHECK!! climb back on forklift..Another yard..OFF Check..ON pull off check..on pull..10 on off pulls later..Great, in position. CLIMB into the OT..Hand brake, Climb out..Chock up..Close shutter..Job completed..( I just didn't TELL my KNEE), .....errr, which actually felt.....better.:jumpin:
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