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Has anyone gone through the importation process for say, a Ural 375D, in 2020? I'm curious what your experience was.

I have tried numerous times to contact Vermont Unimog for information on their inventory and pricing but its been many months and many emails with no response. The last website update was in April and they have a single Ural 4320 listed along with a 375D radio truck which I'm told is not operational.

If anyone can shed light on the process and costs to import and/or any info on Vermont Unimog, I sure would appreciate it.

Thank you.

Karl kostman

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Hello Tailwheel
I bought a U1300L from the Unimog Center in NH from George Bull he owns the company and GREAT guy very honest and delivered exactly what he said he had! In talking with George importation can be a tricky deal and you have to have someone on the originating side that knows what they are doing, there is a whole lot of Prep in getting a vehicle ready to ship to the US an CLEAN does not even begin to describe what needs to happen! When the vehicle gets to the US the container is sealed by one of 4 or 5 different US govt agencies and it cannot be moved or touched in anyway till the inspection startes to allow the truck into the US. George was telling me one shipment he brought over was seized by the US Agricultural folks because they found a bug in the support frame of the radiation, container again sealed until the bug could be identified and if its a THREAT species then the owner of the truck has 2 choices, one you can send it back to the originating country or the US Govt will seize the vehicle and have it properly destroyed. In the the fantasy world Tailwheel you would have a very reputable company in the originating country prepare the vehicle for shipment and they have done this many times before and know exactly what has to happen for this to be successful. You pay them and they take care of loading the truck. When it gets to the US there are again 4 or 5 different Govt agencies that all need to inspect the vehicle before the container is touched, after a week 0r so hopefully the inspections all turned out good and you pay all your bills to get the truck released and the world is good! IF ONE of these things is not 100% up to spec you have a world of shit in front of you to rectify the problem!
Are reliable importers cheap, NOPE they need to make money also BUT then they also shoulder all the responsibility to get the truck into the country!!!
Good luck Tailwheel and I would give George a call at the Unimog Center is is truly a great guY!
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