Injection Pump Timing


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Thanks to Gimpyrobb aka Chris. There is the easy way to find correct TDC on the harmonic balancer than taking off the valve cover if we are just checking timing.
Take off the oil fill cap and look for the valve that is just forward of the fill hole. You should just be able to see the #2 exhaust valve. When the correct TDC mark is getting close to it's pointer that valve will be down some and you will see it. Then we move to the advance unit ( four bolt window ) on the IP and look for the advance disc to be on it's pointer. From there we check the Head pointer and red paint/scribe mark on the Head plunger drive gear. It should be approximately one tooth off to the rear of the IP pointer. This is the correct timing and your good to go. Now the last pic shows /tells us how to prepair the IP timing for installing the IP into the motor if it was taken out. It shows the IP advance pointer just off point and Head plunger drive gear on point but not the correct timing set yet. Then after installing of the IP drive gear the timing is corrected using the TM as guild. All this information is in the Troubleshooting the 465 manual and is a must read manual for all new to the Deuce for performance problems. Tanks


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