NH Insurance Tips for M1079


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Hello, looking to get insurance for my 1998 M1079. I currently have it registered in NH, and am trying to get a policy. I just got off the phone with Progressive for a commercial policy and after going through everything they stated they were not willing to write the risk due to the vehicle type. The vehicle will not be kept in a garage for most of the time. Any tips for dealing with Progressive, or any other commercial companies to recommend? Vehicle will be not for hire, and personal use only. Thank you!

(I will eventually convert it into a camper, but not for a bit. I did not state this when on the phone with the agent)


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I have my M35A3 insured with State Farm with a commercial policy for non-commercial use. Fairly inexpensive. However, they won't insure an MV like this unless you have at least one standard automobile insured with them as well. At least that is my case.
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