Interest in new weather boots for turret (wide boot) for V100


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Wanted to see if there was any interest in having a few new weather boots for wide turret (the one with the smaller vision block on the front) made up. Spoke with David P. about a possible run of a few and wanted to see how many people needed one and were interested. Price will be what ever David charges me. If there are any NOS ones out there, I'd be interested in one of those too. If you are interested in a new one, please post here and I'll let David know and start working towards getting a few made.


Buck Wampum

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Hi Jason,
Did you ever get any interest in this? I'm interested in finding an original boot, but otherwise a repro will work. I've seen some repro ones that looked almost vinyl-like, like what you'd see on a boat seat cover or the like.

I like the "oilcloth" or "canvas"-style cloth that my current homemade boot is constructed of. See pic, taken after I removed it. Too bad the pattern someone used was not pleated/puffy enough, so barrel elevation eventually tore the canvas.

Fabric has a very matte finish w/soft surface and that slightly stiff feel (when you fold it) that comes from a laminate type waterproof canvas. Reminds me of an old WW2-era musette bag that I have. If you had a repro made, can you post pics of the design and the fabric texture?


old weather boot.JPG
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