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Leesburg, GA
I give Commendation to Mr. John (Hase?) who mans the site at the Swift Trucking yard just south of MCLB Albany, Ga. He has been a tremendous asset and a friend. He may not realize it but I have told him the horror stories of doing pickups for members on here who purchased stuff when GL had the contract and he just cannot seem to believe it. He always answers his phone and has my stuff ready to hook to when I pick up for members on here. On one occasion, I was picking up a trailer and the trailer jacks were junk and not working. He carefully toed in with his forklift, raised the trailer, and ground guided my M923 to get hooked to the pintle. Dropped the forklift, processed the invoice and gave me a clear release to hit the road with. GL would have requested that I call a local wrecker company and do not bother asking how I know. That was a long day not to be repeated with GL. I have probably hit that yard around 10 times over the past few months and each transaction was enjoyable. Now I need to save up to purchase something for myself but I enjoy letting the 5 ton earn his keep and dealing with John when I get an invoice to pick up.
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