LMTV regstatrion question for CA


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LMTV registration question for CA - removed insurance question

Please don't yell at me... or laugh ;-/

I bought without checking a lot on iron planet a 1998,LMTV M1079

I watched a bunch of auctions before and they always sold for more then I wanted to pay for... this time I put a bit down and ...you guess right I "won". Now of course I researching and hope I didn't f..k up...

Couple questions...

When I did my research before I found out that I "need" to register this as RV and for this getting done I need to permanent modified to meet the requirements... Lucky me the one I bought already came rebuild as "RV" got shower, toilet and permanent bed frame!

As this is not a RV yet, seems I cant get insurance. My plan was to pickup in Austin and drive this beast back...

Meaning, I have to have this transported? The bid came in $3k! autsch...

1.) did I mess up buying a 1998? I read at some point only pre 1998 are except from SMOG in CA even after reclass to RV
2.) I have a quote for $3k from Texas to Bay Area..seems a good price.. any thoughts?
3.) Thoughts on driving back rather then transport?
4.) any pointers for the STEPS to get this legal on the road in CA as RV?
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Chances of driving from TX to CA with an auction LMTV without any problems are slim and none and slim has left the building. I might chance it in a 923 but not a 1078. I love my truck and now that I've had it for a while I'd drive it anywhere but know that I'd probably be sitting somewhere working on it and it definitly wouldn't have made it without a lot of pre-trip work.
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