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Many thanks to Juan Prado and the info he provided in our phone calls.....

I use State Farm and before buying my 5 ton, I made all the various calls and checked different companies out.

I used a Progressive link and ended up being quoted by Hagerty for ~550/year with no garage/carport requirement. Comprehensive, insured up to $20,000 with zero deductible on glass etc.

I use State Farm for my home and other vehicles, so I decided to give them a shot...

My agent kept saying they had to write it as commercial due to the weight, but I used a magic phrase "Classic Vehicle", the same as an old Corvette or Model A.

She initially had trouble because my truck is a 1990 and her system kept wanting 17 letters/numbers for the VIN, but she was able to find a workaround while chatting with corporate.

Long story short is I have 20k of comprehensive insurance, a 1k deductible and am not to use the truck for hauling lumber etc, for ~$90 every 6 months.

Keep using the phrase "Classic vehicle" and push them. They can and do write us policies like that.

If you want the name of my agent to give your agent (if you use State Farm), feel free to inbox me!

Best of luck...
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