M Series Door Latch Repair


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Portland, OR
yes thanks for the great instructions!!
is there something similar for disassembling the door?
i'd love to take the door apart for that as well as replace the window channels at same time!
thanks for any info:mrgreen:


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Thank you for the excellent pictures in this thread. The repair did not take long, but I did not anticipate taking the door handle assembly out of the inside too. Once it was figured out that it all came out together, it did not take five minutes to do the repair outlined in the pictures. Liberally lube the whole mechanism up and put it back in place.
I had previously moved the exterior door handle to the horizontal position, that made it easier to grasp, as opposed to the vertical hanging down position. What I wonder is if this did not make the mechanism more susceptible to higher force when being pulled down. This could have aided the problem of the interior piece being bent and not functioning. Anyway, moved the handle back to the vertical position. Thanks again for the help.


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So, first I want to thank you for such clear details with all the pics. Made it look so easy that I think I will let my cat do that part for me. Now, not to ask for too much, but, any help with details on how the heck to get that assembly out of the door so I can turn my cat loose on this project would be greatly appreciated. I've taken the bolts that I see all out but can't get the unit to drop. Then the joy may be getting it back up in there.


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So, I couldn't talk the cat into doing the work for me. She just climbs all over the truck in distraction. I do want to thank all who contributed to this thread. It is fixed and one more thing off of the list. Getting that assy out of the door was a bit nerveracking but eventually it just fell out with the window disconnected and wedged in the up position, and the crank in the lowest position. To reasseble it I turned the lever that connects to the inside handle in the down position and just lifted the latch end straight up into place and started the screws and used a yard stick to send the inside handle section and lever up into place and it was easy to line up with a skinny screwdriver and start them screws. Pretty smooth getting in but still don't know what took place to make it fall out but it did so. Maybe just all the wiggling and a little hollering at the cat for leaving me do it on my own. Now to dig into the horn not working issue. Then...


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**** I wish I saw this two years ago. My door latch on the m923a2 has had this problem since a show two years ago. I literally just walked out side did the fix, put it back together in less then 20 minutes and my outside door handle works again.

Thank you majortom![thumbzup]


foxboro ma
just used all that info at findley show spring broke and finally found a spring on used latch assembly at show , oh it was right side latch that I found , my left one broke but springs will interchange with a little work thanks for the write up


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I too just used all that info to fix my passenger door. Awesome write up, thanks! For me there was no need to remove the window or window mech as per the TM. I just rolled the window all the way up and squeezed my skinny arm in there to reinstall (it falls right out on removal). I too completely disassembled the mech to clean the rust off with a wire brush and grease it all upon reassembly. Works as smooth as butter!


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While on the subject of door latches, has any one replaced the door handle with one of the locking versions found in the Grainger or McMaster Carr catalogs? If so which one did you use?
I used latches from "Those Military Guys". Reasonable price, and easy install.


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I want to thank majortom for his how to on repairing the in operative door handle fix. Today I repaired the drivers side on my five ton. as mentioned I fixed it with a chisel and hammer to bend her back into place and then I greased it. works beautiful. And on my deuce I now know that I have to replace the spring and give her a good cleaning with a wire brush before I installing.
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