M1113/M1114 Turbo Engine Harness vs A2 6.5l NA Engine Harness, PCB Connector Pinout?


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Navarre, FL
Are the M1113/M1114 and A2 Engine Harnesses the same pinout at the Smart Start Box plug? The under 299,999 serial number engine I got came with a slightly damaged Engine Harness, the two wires with lugs to the Alternator (Sense and AC #2A and #468) got separated from the main harness and the main cannon plug to the Smart Start Box is damaged.

I've got a replacement SSB cannon plug coming, but I need to make sure the pinout is the same so I can solder the Alternator wires to the correct wires on the main harness, that I have already got exposed and insulation stripped away.

Then on the very end branch of the Turbo Engine Harness is a lug for the Starter and Bus Bar. I Ass/U/Me the Bus Bar lug bolts to the tunnel inside lug of the bus bar in battery box?

A couple feet of mesh sheathing, a foot of yellow 2" ID shrink wrap and some mylar insulation wrap and she'll look like new.

Then order a set of exhaust manifold heads I can have cerakoted in Black to keep the rust away as long as possible.

Get a rebuild for the Fan Clutch, a new fan blade, and a new 3 pin fitting for the 200amp Alternator and the short block should be ready to drop into the 1995 CIF GMV. Then I'll take the 6.5l NA and 4L80E to offer with the 1994 M1097A1 truck to clear it out.
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