M211 Radar unit truck, interior photos anyone?


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Schwenksville, PA
If this rig were mine I would remove the box and sell it on Craigslist to someone as a storage box, then cut the frame extension off and put a M35A2 bed on it, making it back into a M211.
Thanks but that takes money, A Lot of money and I don't have that to put into the truck nor the know how to do it my self. If I was keeping the truck than for sure I would take that box off and sell it and then find a bed from a M211, there are a few out there and even then it would cost a pretty penny to have it hauled to my location and then to have someone cut the frame back to where it is suppose to be and then pay to haul it to a shop in my area and then pay to have it done, would be a Ton of money but my idea is to try to trade the thing being the box or the entire truck for a smaller project Military vehicle. I do thank you much for the info though and take care
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