M35 with M1078 bed

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Been wanting a dropside bed since I bought my M35A2C. The fire dept. changed the original dropside bed out for a fixed side. I had a the "C" but no dropside! So I purchased the M1078 bed from a fire dept that wanted a fixed side for their M1078. The 1078 bed is a 1/2 inch wider than the deuce frame and 6 inches shorter in height from the deuce frame to the bottom of the 1078 bed and 9 inches longer than the deuce bed. I purchased some 2"X6"X3/16" rectangle tube and built a frame to go between the frame rails and the bed, I also used the 2X6X3/16 for the crossmembers except the the crossmember at the rear. That crossmember I used 2X2X1/4 so I didnt have to cut the ladder storage off the bed. The 1/2" of extra width of the bed and the frame doesnt hurt anything since it only hangs over a 1/4" on both sides. I used scrap wood between the deuce frame and the tube frame of the bed but I have some oak soaking in diesel that I'll replace the scrap with. Reason I'm using diesel to weather proof the wood is we used to soak the wood rod on our sickle bar mowers and they stayed healthy till someone screwed up and killed them. I'll have the deuce out tomorrow and will get some better pictures for yall. I you need/want more info of pictures ask and I'll see what I can do.


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I too want a dropside, but haven't found one..I was thinking about a project like yours, so am curious as to "all it entailed".......dropsides seem to be like chicken teeth, RARE!! lol
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