M35a2 overhaul


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rockford usa
in the distant future (1-3 years) I plan on having a m35a2 of any year, and fixing any possible object or damage, restoration or repair, and replacement part it might need
after that point of acquisition, I intend to overhaul it quite a bit, to make it more a of a unique way to show what I love, and further enhance on its extreme capability.
a few of the planned upgrades are as follows;
Ramjet 502 swap, Chevy HEAVY DUTY t56, gear vendors OD unit, custom driveshaft from output of od unit to input of t-case
46" tires, all 10 of them, no singles on an axle for me.
6 wheel disc brakes. off of what I haven't figured out exactly but I'm figuring it'll probably be a ford super duty or something in that class.
truck will never see over 75mph on any roadway, public or not.
i'll keep the stock LDT and 5spd transmission around, honestly probably just keep it in the garage and crane it into the bed anytime someone challenges me to a tug battle.
I was thinking maybe a ford 460, a chevy 454, the 572, ram v10, or even a cummins, but the 502 just really...it calls my name.
500lb-ft of torque from 1000rpm idle to 5800rpm redline, peaking at 570lb-ft at 3600rpm. Now that's a torque curve I can live with.
best part, it'll make that power on mid-grade fuel!
I'm not going to push the motor much past 3600rpm in each gear. unless I'm offroading in low range and wringing the motors neck pulling a load and slinging dirt. my thatd be a bada** sight to see.
ive done the math, with the t56 in 6th gear, and the OD engaged, turning the 6.72" axles, with 46" tires, at 70mph I should be exactly at 1688rpm with the 502,shouldnt be too bad on fuel that way either. (with the OD disengaged and in 6th it'd be 2170rpm)
I have no doubts in my mind about the capability of that setup, and I'm no leadfoot by any means. just a man with a motive. have a wicked awesome deuce that's truly custom to myself.

you could say I'm mechanically inclined.
the only issue I can forsee with the build,is if I get a ramjet 502 I'm going to have this itch to put it in my 67 mustang.
gotta love a crate motor.

6x6, boosted 502, 6spd...yeah, this build plans have got me excited. I have an interview tomorrow to get a 2nd job, I'm trying to put aside 500$ a week for the truck + everything else.

when its done I might just have to take it to a tractor pull and see what its capable of.


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Sounds like you have a lot of ideas, and are willing to work hard to achieve them. Putting away $500 a week will allow you to build it however you'd like, if your planning to do they for 2-3 years. Most don't swap gassers into m35's but it would definitely still power the rig. And I'd be interested to hear your results. Keep up the hard work!


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Cincy Ohio
Rizzo up in Michigan had a buddy that put a 440 in one. It sounded really good winding out!


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rockford usa
okay, i got an email from Target Distribution Center (my last job) and this year as their getting into peak season (holidays!!) they want to rehire me.so im going to try and take them up on that offer, this time im going to try to manage 18$/hr aswell as 4day work week as opposed to my last go at it i got 12.50/hr (but had a raise to 13.75 on my second week) and 3 day work weeks. 12hrs a day.
but my car caught on fire! might have mentioned that. what a bummer. and my secondary daily drive (1988 yamaha riva 125 scooter) just isnt up to snuff. a good friend of mine offered to sell me his car...which ive been drooling over ever since i had one about 2-3 years ago.
but heres the downside. as a tinkerer...well..the daily is of course a first priority. my life plans so far are to get the car, get a trailer (which he also offered to sell me his 8x6 single axle...perfect for my needs!), and then drive across country (illinois to tennessee) and pickup my brother, then drive to...i forget what state exactly but were going to visit a friend that lives off the east coast. currently he's in WV so somewhere around there. then while im there i wanna see what the 4.6 6speed crown victoria P71 (true police interceptor) can do, and im going to line up a drag strip and see how it fares against my friends 02 police package equipped firefighter durango...which so happens to have a 4.7 and a 6spd....and two turbo's
anyway,after i inevitably get my ass handed to me, me,my brother and the trailer are going down to florida to visit family...then after that, from florida to CO to visit more family..then back home in IL...
after that, im going to let the old girl breathe a little and do an overhaul on the car. engine+trans swap, suspension...well..erm, everything. heh.
supercharged 6.8L v10 with a super heavy duty 5r110 anyone?

then after the vic gets done its right onto a m35 (though now im debating a A3...really depends on whats availible)
after i acquire the m35, i'll be taking it back to my friend (who just so happens to be, among many other things, a certified diesel power mechanic) for a complete inspection. anything not upto snuff will be repaired or replaced..depending on the need. and no, im not going to skimp out and save a few bucks where i can, thinking like that is only going to hurt me in the long haul.
ive still been interested in the duece,ever since i first heard of it from a friend back in 2014...though, i cant help but thinking that given my needs for a truck like that, that a m109 would suit me better....well, i guess that ones really upto availibility & weight. im only certified for upto 19k-lbs on 4+wheeled vehicles, and upto 149cc's on bikes. (my riva, being a 125cc engine, puts me around nicely within that class...while still giving me 90mpg...something that is merely a pipedream for im sure alot of users on this forum.

oh, and ive recently started bodybuilding again. hopefully by the time i get the m35 i'll be strong enough to do everything by myself! (of course, with people around to prevent anything from happening. dont want to get squished or pinched when doing an engine swap now do we? safety first, beer second!)

anyway, thats just my update.
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