M51A2 fuel issues

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Contoocook, NH
I’m trying to get my M51A2 going, things done so far are to free up the shut off, free up the collar in the Hydralics head the shutoff actuates and change the filters.

Im fairly sure I have the shutoff installed correctly but I have the put the rod for the governor? Into the arm at time of assembly as I can’t seem to do it afterwards, this prevents me from checking the range of motion on the arm to confirm it has engaged the collar, if I push the collar toward the firewall it snaps back forward when I let it go, hopefully this indicates it’s in right? I put the shutoff in without the rod hooked up and it swing for about 3 to 9 o’clock, slightly less but again can’t get the rod on without pulling the shutoff out a bit so not positive it’s going back together right.

Now the filters, they were very bad, full of rust and water. The previous owner tried to get it going so I’m concerned he has sucked some of that crap into the pump, here’s what the truck does.
The lift pump bleeds out the filter housings fine and when I took the shutoff back out to check it diesel ran out of the hole, but no fuel comes out of the injector lines at the injectors if I crack them, I tried for several minutes and would think fuel would be there by then?

the shutoff was so bad I had to completely disassemble it and clean it, soaking for a week in PB blaster did nothing, the collar in the head was also completely stuck, a can of carb clean and sea foam penatrant and I finally got it with a screw driver after a while of working it it moves freely. Iso there anything else that can be stuck? Or am I likely looking at trying to pull the pump?

Thanks for any help

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