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Okay, I've done some searching. Found a few threads, some with dead links. On an M51A2 tipper, I am struggling to find the VIN stamped on the frame. The few threads I've reviewed have been pretty consistent showing it on the left frame between the bump stop and steering box. A few stated that it was very lightly stamped. Assuming that mine are hiding in the same area, any suggestions for a paint stripper that will cut CARC? I'd prefer to strip vs sand. By the way, did you know that you can't search VIN in the search box. Despite it's importance, it's not a big enough word. Odd for me.
Post up pics if you have them please, I'm assuming that all of the M39 series A2 versions were similar.

Edit: I'd also love to see a clear pic of a Kaiser Jeep M51A2 data plate if anyone will share.


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On my 1965, M54A2, it has the updated 800 series power steering, there is a box like cover on the left frame rail, my serial number was under that box. Hope that helps - AZ Deuce
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